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Brandon Roberts

Full Name

Brandon Roberts




January 31


Student, Photographer, Drummer


Nikki Maxwell; Theodore L. Swagmire III Zoey Franklin; Chloe Garcia; Marcy Simms

Brandon Roberts is a character in the Dork Diaries series. He goes to Westchester Country Day, where his good friend and crush, Nikki Maxwell, also goes to. He is popular in his school, due to him being handsome, although he is very shy, and is mainly seen hanging out with the "dorks".

About brandon lifeEdit

  • He asked and went with Nikki to the Halloween Dance.
  • He is a photographer.
  • He plays the drums in the band, "Actually, I'm Not Really Sure Yet!".
  • He is currently in 8th grade.
  • Nikki is his biology lab partner.
  • He dislikes Mackenzie.
  • He is an orphan and lives with his grandparents.
  • He works at an animal shelter called Fuzzy Friends.
  • The cause of his parents' death was due to a car accident.
  • It is heavily implied that he has a crush on Nikki.
  • He went to the Sweetheart Dance with Nikki and did not  kiss her.(WE HOPE! Besides, he almost kissed her in the 3rd book!)
  • The 7th Book shows the cover of him and Nikki looking at each other. WE HOPE THEY KISSED!!!
  • brandon really likes nikki and he gets mad when mackenzie gets in the way of hin and nikki
  • in book no. 1 he helped Nikki win the art competition, even though they were rearly friends


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