Chloe Garcia

Full Name

Chloe Christina Garcia




Student, Dancer


Nikki Maxwell Zoey Franklin, Marcy Simms, Brandon Roberts, Marcus, Theodore L. Swagmire III

Social Status


Hair color


Eye color


Chloe Christina Garcia is one of Nikki J. Maxwell's best friends. She also studies at Westchester Country Day and is deemed as a dork in the school. She is an avid reader and loves young adult romances, and is also a self-proclaimed expert on dating. She is also pretty crazy and has very strong emotions. But yes, indeed she has a passion for romance and is Nikki's expert on that. 


Chloe has long hair. She sometimes wears her hair in a ponytail, and is fond of wearing tank tops, turtle neck sweaters. She has a unique style, as mentioned by Nikki. She is Hispanic, but has very olive skin. Also she has blonde hair and green eyes.


Family Edit

Chloe's family has been barely touched on the series, but it was mentioned on this blog that she lives near Nikki. In How to Dork Your Diary reveals that she has a little brother named Joey, who never actually appeared in the book, but was mentioned. However, in book 10 we briefly meet her uncle, Carlos, who is an extreme germaphobe. It is also known that her parents own a software company and she is really into literature and reading. one of her favorite books is "Deadly Doodle Dude".

Friends Edit

Chloe's friends include Nikki Maxwell, Zoey Franklin, Marcy Simms, Brandon Roberts, Theodore L. Swagmire lll and Violet Baker.

Love Interest Edit

Chloe's romance has been mentioned in the series, she had a crush on Ryan. They danced in Tales From a Not-So Popular Party Girl , but her heart was broken when Ryan asked a cheerleader to the Halloween dance. In Tales From a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker, Chloe asks Marcus to the Sweetheart Dance, admitting she "got over her crush on Ryan".  They held hands, slow-dance and may have even kissed at the Sweetheart dance.


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