"Yeah! It makes you look so, um...BOOTYLICIOUS!"
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Occupation:   Student

Mr Hunter (father)

Mrs hunter (mother)

Friends: Mackenzie Hollister, Other CCP

Hair colour:     Blonde

Eye colour:      Brownish green

Jessica Hunter is a recurring character on Dork Diaries. She is MacKenzie Hollister's BFF.

History Edit

Jessica is the second highest-ranking CCP (2nd in line CCP leader) at Westchester Country Day and MacKenzie's best friend. She does not like Nikki as well and is more than super mean to her. Her last name was revealed in How to Dork Your Diary.

She does not like Nikki because in Tales From a Not-So-Fabulous Life, Nikki opened an invitation that was supposed to be Jessica's, even though Nikki didn't even know her at the time and did it by accident. 

Jessica works as the office assistant, Nikki says she probably lives in the office! 

Appearance Edit

Jessica has long straight blonde hair that reaches her shoulders. She has hazel green eyes more brown eyes. She seems to wear pink and accessories a lot. Jessica is possibly a lip gloss addict, being a friend of MacKenzie's. She wears designer outfits like Mackenzie and shops at the expensive stores at the mall.

Personality Edit

Jessica does what MacKenzie says and is always second best to her but as the series goes on Jessica starts to fight back. She likes to wear pink accessories and wears designer clothes. Jessica works at the office as an office assistant and is a MAJOR gossiper. She is wealthy, bratty, rude, selfish and manipulative

Love interestEdit

It is not known if Jessica posseses a love interest, but rumors say she could probably have a crush on Brandon Roberts.


  • She is dubbed as MacKenzie's "sidekick", and follows her everywhere.
  • She is WCD's Student Office Assistant.



"Nikki, my nail polish won't dry until another twelve minutes.Come back next week!"

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