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Full Name

MacKenzie Hollister




Student, Dancer, Editor


Marshall Hollister (father)
Miss Hollister (mother)
Amanda Hollister (younger sister)


Jessica Hunter


Brandon Roberts

Social Status


MacKenzie Hollister is the most popular girl at Westchester Country Day Middle School and the leader of the CCP (Cute, Cool & Popular) Clique. She is Nikki's enemy and the main antagonist of the series. She is mean, sinster, and vile. Nikki calls her "a rattlesnake in pink plumping lip gloss and ankle boots" along with various other insults, but only in her diary. She is also sisters with Amanda Hollister.

She has blond hair and icy blue eyes. Thats two of the many reasons everyone adores her.


  • She is the only one that knows Nikki Maxwell goes to Westchester Country Day on a scholarship because her dad is the school exterminator.
  • She has a crush on Brandon Roberts, but he doesn't like her back.
  • She asked Brandon to the Halloween dance, and he said 'no'.
  • She was dressed as a vampire for Halloween.
  • She runs the fashion section in her school's newspaper.
  • She is Nikki Maxwell's arch-nemesis and tries to ruin her life.
  • She is the most popular girl in WCD(Westchester Country Day)
  • She was mistaken as a tooth fairy by Brianna Maxwell in Dork Diaries: Tales Of A Not-So-Fabulous Life, thanks to Nikki.
  • She became nice to Nikki once because she was bullied by someone else. You could read the story on Nikki's blog.
  • Her best friend(and best gossip source) is Jessica Hunter
  • She stole Brandon's phone, and sended Nikki Maxwell texts to make her think that Brandon broke her heart, and also used that opportunity to send texts to herself to make the othe CCPs think Brandon texted her, and also did the same to Nikki's phone as she did to Brandon's. (But they got back at her!) In Tales from a NOT-SO Happy Heartbreaker.
  • "OMG! I bought that exact same sweater she's wearing! For my dog, from PetSmart."
  • "What's that awful STANK?! She's supposed to spray on the perfume, not marinate in it."
  • "So, Nikki, are you having a nice trip?!"
  • "Oh no! Was that your little art project?! Too bad! Hey, just throw some bugs on it and enter it as a modern art piece called Maxwell's Bugs on Garbage."
  • "OMG! Look at that! They're ALL wearing the same butt-ugly ensemble! Wait, don't tell me. They were giving them away for free with a purchase of a McDonald's Happy Meal!"
  • "BTW, Nikki, just a friendly little reminder! Make sure you vote for ME for Sweetheart Princess on Feburary fourteenth! Everybody else is going to. I'm SOOO popular!"
  • "It's all HER fault! Blame the DORK IN THE DOUGHNUT!"
  • So, Nikki, are you going to the Sweetheart Dance? Oh, my bad! They don't admit animals!
  • MacKenzie has more quotes, and she's likely to have way more in the future.


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