Theodore L. Swagmire III is one of the unpopular boys at Westchester Country Day. He is good friends with Brandon and Nikki. He had a huge crush on MacKenzie .He is known for being the school nerd. In Dork Diaries 3, Tales From a Not-So-Talented Pop Star, it is revealed he plays guitar. He tried out for Nikki's band, Actually, I'm Not Really Sure Yet! and was accepted. In Dork Daries 6, Tales from a Not-so-Happy-Heartbreaker, he was firting with Zoey after band practice and later they seem to go to the Sweetheart dance together.


  • His family owns Queasy Cheesy.
  • Brandon's birthday party took place at his house.
  • His choice of school is..........Hogwarts!
  • He wants to save his allowance to buy a magic wand.
  • He took Zoey to the Sweetheart dance.
  • His hair or eye color will possibly be mentioned in the next book but his hair is possibly brown blonde black or mixed and his eyes are similiar to Chloe's

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