Westchester Country Day is a private middle school that Nikki attends. ON a scholarship. It costs a lot. Most students are very wealthy. There is also a Westchester Country Day High School. It is a real school in North Carolina, but the characters are fictional. Here are the students who attend:


  • Mr. Maxwell (Exterminator)
  • Mr. Zimmerman
  • Mrs. Peach (Librarian)
  • Ms. Kincaid (Teacher)
  • Principal Winston
  • P.E. Teacher
  • Mr. Somethin'-or-other

Known classesEdit

English French Social Studies Gym Biology Geometry P.E.


  • Westchester Country Day is a real school, with the headmaster named Principal Winston and librarian Mrs Peach. Nikki and her friends work in the library in the fifth hour as LSAs (library shelving assistants). Nikki and her friends are the three biggest dorks in the school, which is why Mackenzie Hollister is their main enemy, with the help of her BFF, Jessica Hunter stupid dumb . To the readersame your dumb and studio OK .

Most students are quite wealthy and many have iPhones, which is why Nikki wants a phone, and has been begging her mother for a cell. Mackenzie is a CCP ranked no. 1 in popularity, and she has sparkly nail polish and wears top designer clothes. Nikki Maxwell has a little six year old sister Brianna, which she calls annoying, because when trouble edges toward Brianna and she is the culprit, she puts the blame on Miss Penelope, which is really, her own hand with a face doodled on it. Everyone knows that Miss Penelope is Brianna's own hand except Brianna. Mackenzie has a little sister as well, and is annoying as well, named Amanda. Amanda and her friends. Brianna is Amanda's little sister are friend but not the big one hah!!!!!


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